Team Rankings

Nfl Preview

Week One

September 12, 2004

1. Patriots They simply know how to win.

2. Colts They're chasing the Pats already.

3. Eagles Young corners must come through.

4. Seahawks Mike Holmgren's offense is on go.

5. Ravens Will Deion Sanders make a difference?

6. Panthers Built tough and made to last.

7. Packers Best line protects Brett Favre.

8. Chiefs If only Gunther Cunningham could tackle.

9. Broncos Quentin Griffin is on the spot.

10. Titans If they fall, it won't be far.

11. Cowboys Bill Parcells is collecting his old boys.

12. Vikings Randy Moss says he's not talking anymore.

13. Jets LaMont Jordan's tired of waiting.

14. Bills They're quarterback-thin already.

15. Steelers Tommy Maddox can't be comfortable.

16. Redskins Huge expectations for Joe Gibbs.

17. Bengals Carson Palmer's getting his feet wet.

18. Falcons Michael Vick's hamstring is a worry.

19. Rams Closer to mediocrity than the title.

20. Saints Time for Jim Haslett to win.

21. Bucs Big on old vets and old Raiders.

22. Lions Offense must carry its weight.

23. Browns Kellen Winslow's a lightning rod.

24. Jaguars Not ready for prime time.

25. Bears Playing without go-to receiver.

26. Texans Weapons are in place.

27. Dolphins String of bad decisions, breaks.

28. Raiders Quarterback isn't the problem.

29. Giants Kurt Warner's last stand.

30. Chargers Brees gets the nod for now.

31. 49ers How the mighty have fallen.

32. Cardinals Still shuffling bodies.

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