Team Rankings


September 12, 2004|By Joe Christensen

1. Cardinals (1)

Will it translate into playoff success? The guess here is yes.

2. Red Sox (2)

Steamrolled Anaheim, Texas and Oakland, going 8-1 in critical stretch.

3. Yankees (4)

Why beg for a forfeit when every game against Tampa Bay is a chance to pad your stats?

4. Braves (5)

Thanking their lucky stars the Marlins weren't this hot all year.

5. Athletics (3)

Outscored 23-7 in three straight games at home against Boston.

6. Angels (7)

Still have those final two weekend series against Oakland to make up ground.

7. Twins (6)

Johan Santana and Brad Radke showed the Orioles why they'll be dangerous in October.

8. Dodgers (8)

A potential playoff patsy, considering their recent showing in St. Louis.

9. Cubs (9)

They won't win if Mark Prior and Kerry Wood are just ordinary.

10. Astros (11)

Schedule toughens with six of final 18 games against the Cardinals.

11. Marlins (10)

The only forces stopping them have been hurricanes.

12. Giants (12)

Barry Bonds gets a Randy Johnson fastball up near his head.

13. Padres (14)

The one team in baseball that seems happiest on the road.

14. Phillies (17)

Move over, Jim Thome? First base prospect Ryan Howard led the minors with 43 home runs.

15. Rangers (13)

Recent collapse was predictable, but who figured offense would be the problem?

16. White Sox (15)

Jose Contreras follows brilliant August with unsightly 15.43 ERA in September.

17. Indians (16)

Despite their recent plunge, they've given their fans legitimate hope for 2005.

18. Orioles (19)

The Twins shouldn't be so upset. Jorge Julio has missed the strike zone lots of times.

19. Tigers (21)

Climbing, despite being on wrong end of 26-5 loss to Kansas City.

20. Pirates (20)

Campaign season begins: Jason Bay for Rookie of the Year.

21. Brewers (25)

Showing some late-season grit after midseason tumble.

22. Reds (18)

Rolled over and played dead for the Astros last week.

23. Rockies (26)

Can still be tough on the contenders, especially at Coors Field.

24. Mets (22)

Performance could be enough to get Art Howe fired with two years left on his contract.

25. Blue Jays (27)

Hmmm. Looks like Carlos Delgado is playing for another big contract.

26. Expos (23)

Recent little run has kept manager Frank Robinson from dozing off in the dugout.

27. Devil Rays (24)

Look who's headed back toward the AL East basement.

28. Mariners (28)

While you read this, Ichiro Suzuki just had two more hits.

29. Royals (29)

Carlos Beltran sent a postcard from the pennant race saying, "Wish you guys were here."

30. Diamondbacks (30)

Manager took offense when the Los Angeles Times referred to his team as a Double-A squad.

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

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