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September 12, 2004|By Lorene Yue

Punch up: www.salary.com

Why it clicks: If you've ever wondered how your salary ranks against the same job in other cities, check out this Web site for a quick comparison.

The download: While a 12- to 14-page personal report will cost you $49.95, there is plenty of free, basic information on the Web site. There's a cost-of-living calculator that will tell you how much you would have to make in a different city to equal your current salary, and how much your expenses would rise or fall. You also can read about what it's like to be a feng shui consultant, a hypnotist or a rocket scientist.

Just for fun, the site also offers a counter that compares how much you earn per second with a list of celebrities. By the time someone making $75,000 a year reaches 71 cents, Oprah Winfrey has made $1,564 (based on a $163.2 million annual salary).

- Lorene Yue, Your Money

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