For some, Hurricane Frances blew in a gold mine to tap

September 08, 2004|By Lauren Gold | Lauren Gold,PALM BEACH POST

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - To most, it's debris.

To a few: five delicious syllables. Memorabilia.

Around the state, lips are being licked. There is money to be made.

And the place to make it? eBay.

Which is why, with a few mouse clicks, the hurricane-deprived worldwide can now buy their very own pieces of Florida history.

The Internet auction site features Hurricane Frances Rain Water ("You are bidding on one vial of actual rain water from Hurricane Frances! Collect a piece of history from this one-of-a-kind weather event!") and Hurricane Frances Ocean Water ("I was on Hollywood Fl, beach during the hurricane and bottled watter [sic] from the heavy surf. I have braved through the heart of the storm to bring you this water.")

For those preferring water and sand, there's the Hurricane Frances Sand Water Debris Set ("A small container of water, probably 1/2 cup worth, gathered during the worst of the storm along with about 1/4 pound of sand from Indian Rocks Beach and some tree leaves, small branches, etc.")

Scroll down to A Genuine Shingle Blown off My Roof by Hurricane Frances and A Very Large Oak Tree (which) fell on my house during one of Frances' infamous FEEDER BANDS! ("I will ship it as soon as I can get into my car!")

Hurricane photos and videotape footage abound. Plus T-shirts, stickers and decals declaring "Slow Hurricane Crossing."

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