What They Said

Election 2004 -- The Republican Convention

September 02, 2004

White House political advisor Karl Rove

"This is going to be more like the conflict in Northern Ireland, where the Brits fought terrorism, and there's no sort of peace accord with al-Qaida saying, 'We surrender."

Congressman Henry Bonilla of Texas

"There's a huge myth that exists out there for people of color that your skin color dictates your political idea. ... And that is the biggest insult anyone can make."

Former President George H.W. Bush

"When you see Michael Moore sitting in a box with Jimmy Carter -- come on, what does this say to the voters across this country?"

GOP balloon drop expert Treb Heining

"It's my job to make the candidate look good and send him off with a goose bump effect."

Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey of Massachusetts

"Sen. Kerry was in lock step with Gov. Dukakis and they raised taxes in a recession and put the Massachusetts economy right into the dump."

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