Election 2004 -- The Republican Convention

September 02, 2004


Keyes and gays: Illinois Republican Senate candidate Alan L. Keyes labeled homosexuality "selfish hedonism" and criticized Vice President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter.

The former Maryland senatorial candidate and talk-show host, who has made two unsuccessful runs for the White House, made the comments Monday night in an interview with Sirius OutQ, a satellite radio station that provides programming aimed at gays and lesbians.

After saying homosexuality is "selfish hedonism," Keyes was asked if that made Mary Cheney "a selfish hedonist." "Of course she is," Keyes replied. "That goes by definition."

The Log Cabin Republicans, a gay and lesbian organization, denounced Keyes' remark.

"In a political career defined by failures, this is a new low for Alan Keyes," Executive Director Patrick Guerriero said in a statement yesterday. "Attacking politicians' children is beyond the pale, even for an extremist like Alan Keyes."

Republican bakery: Rep. Michael R. Turner, an Ohio Republican, is trying to bring President Bush some good fortune. Turner had red-white-and-blue fortune cookies placed in every hotel room of Ohio's 179 delegates and guests.

The treats, wrapped in cellophane decorated with Turner's name and tied with patriotic ribbon, contained messages in support of Bush and against Democrat John Kerry.

"During Kerry's first term, he would: a.) raise taxes; or b.) surrender to France?" one message read. Another said: "Bush-Cheney '04: Strong leadership."

Kindergarten pol: A day after using his prime-time convention speech to invite fellow immigrants into the GOP, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger encountered some immigrants who weren't sure they'd accept the invitation.

Appearing relaxed and happy after delivering the well-received speech, Schwarzenegger visited a public school in Harlem that's home to a chapter of the national after-school program he founded. He urged the schoolchildren to work hard and stay out of trouble.

Some in the racially and ethnically diverse audience said they liked Schwarzenegger but added that he might not change their minds about President Bush.

"If Arnold says to me, `I'm going to run for president,' I'll vote for him," said Elizabeth Anunkor, a Nigerian-born citizen whose daughter is in the after-school program. "But I don't think he can right away convince me to vote for Bush."


President Bush: Attends the Republican National Convention in New York City.

John Kerry: Campaigns in Springfield, Ohio; overnights in Newark, Ohio.

John Edwards: Campaigns in Philadelphia and Springfield, Ohio; overnights in Dayton, Ohio.

Vice President Dick Cheney: Attends the Republican National Convention in New York City.

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