Election 2004 -- The Republican Convention

September 01, 2004


Cheney and the military: Vice President Dick Cheney said yesterday it would be wrong for him to judge Sen. John Kerry's service during the war or his anti-war activities later, given that he avoided military service altogether.

Cheney was asked if Kerry should apologize for saying that troops in Vietnam committed atrocities, testimony that riled some officers who served with Kerry.

"I didn't have to serve in Vietnam and I try to make it a point always to thank those who did for their service, regardless of what their views are or exactly where they served during that period of time or under what circumstances," the vice president said on The Sean Hannity Show, a syndicated radio program.

* "It's never too soon": Hours after praising President Bush for his leadership in national and domestic affairs, Rudolph W.Giuliani was hobnobbing with delegates from Iowa. Meanwhile, New Hampshire delegates met with Gov. George E. Pataki of New York. So did Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee. Iowa and New Hampshire are the first stops on the presidential campaign trail.

Does joining their party faithful for breakfast signal an interest in higher office?

"It's never too soon to make friends," said Tom Rath, a Republican National Committee member from New Hampshire.

* Just a scratch: Oregon delegate Donna Cain was among those wearing bandages with purple hearts on them at the Republican National Convention. Cain, of Rogue River, Ore., said she wore the bandage to protest Democratic nominee John Kerry's emphasis on his war record.

"That's all he talks about," Cain said. "He doesn't talk about his record since then, in 19 years in the Senate." Cain, secretary of the state Republican Party, said it was "time to put Kerry's military record aside" and concentrate on issues.

The bandages were handed out by Morton Blackwell, a longtime GOP activist from Virginia, with the message: "It was just a self-inflicted scratch, but you see I got a Purple Heart for it." National GOP officials have asked Blackwell to stop.


1 -- The number of conventions the GOP has held in New York.

3 -- The approximate number of accredited news media per delegate.

4 -- The approximate number of miles between Madison Square Garden and Ground Zero.

5 -- The number of times (since 1856) the Democrats have held a national convention in NYC.

4,952 -- The number of delegates (and alternates) attending the convention.


President Bush: Campaigns in Columbus, Ohio.

Sen. John Kerry: Campaigns in Nashville, Tenn.; overnights in Nantucket, Mass.

Sen. John Edwards: Campaigns in Pittston and Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; overnights in Orlando, Fla.

Vice President Dick Cheney: Speaks at GOP convention in New York City.

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