Election 2004

The Republican Convention

August 31, 2004

"The immigration plank in the party platform is full of platitudes, promises and pandering." - Republican congressman Tom Tancredo, of Colorado, who accused the Bush administration yesterday of maintaining an "open border policy" with Mexico to curry favor with Hispanic voters.


We can't win: Asked on NBC's Today show, "Can we win?" the war on terror, President Bush responded:

"I don't think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world."

Edwards counters: Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards sought yesterday to counter Republican assertions that President Bush is a strong leader.

Referring to the president's recent admission of a "miscalculation of what the conditions would be" after U.S. troops went to Iraq," the North Carolina senator told an audience in Wilmington, N.C.: "The president called it a miscalculation. You can call it anything you want, but the truth is, it was a failure of leadership."


1st Congressional District: Ann H. Granados; J. Lowell Stolzfus; Cathleen M. Vitale.

2nd Congressional District: Walter R. Hayes, Jr.; Luis E. Borunda; David R. Craig.

3rd Congressional District: Nicolee W. Ambrose; Jose Fuentes; Mark L. Luterman.

4th Congressional District: Jason Fenwick; JoAnn Y. Fisher; Frederick D. Gray.

5th Congressional District: M. Jaqueline Gordon; Thomas F. McKay; Anthony J. O'Donnell.

6th Congressional District: George C. Edwards; James M. Harkins; Koreen Hughes.

7th Congressional District: Victor Clark, Jr.; Gloria B. Murphy; Howard M. Rensin.

8th Congressional District: Katja Bullock; Howard A. Denis; Jayne H. Plank.

At-Large: Stephen N. Abrams; Dr. John A. Bartkovich; Betty Jane Carroll; Chris Cavey; Alicia Corro-Hoffman; Adelaide C. Eckardt; Donald Farber; Charles Jenkins; Doro Bush Koch; Michael Malone; Donald F. Munson; Michael S. Steele.

Ex-officio: John M. Kane, chairman, Republican State Central Committee; Louis M. Pope, Republican National Committee member; Joyce Lyons Terhes, Republican National Committee member.


President Bush: Campaigns in Nashville, Tenn..; Alleman, Iowa; and North Middleton Township, Pa.

Sen. John Kerry: No campaign events.

Sen. John Edwards: Campaigns in Beckley, W.Va.; overnight in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Vice President Dick Cheney: At convention.


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