Postcard From Athens

August 30, 2004|By CANDUS THOMSON

Things we learned during three weeks at the Olympics:

* Omonia Square is round.

* There are many national anthems easier to sing than "The Star Spangled Banner."

* Greek TV comedies have great names. Especially for Crying and Vodka Orange are notable.

* If Major League Baseball is looking for a relocation city other than Washington, Athens has two brand-new ballparks that aren't being used.

* The hot dogs are awful and the city's stray mutts are nowhere to be foound.

* Laundry service if glacial. "In by 450 B.C., out by 400 B.C." should be the motto.

* If you want meat grilled properly, ask a Greek. The same goes for throwing a party.

* But don't ask directions.

* As Dorothy said, "There's no place like home."

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