Meet the Band: Swath

Meet the Band

August 26, 2004

Hometown: Oella

Current members: Bill Hamilton, guitar, background vocals; Carl GehrmanM-5, vocals, keyboard; Dan Klein, drums; Jason Crebs, guitar; Tim Clifton, base guitar, backup vocals

Founded in: 1996

Style: Hard rock

Influenced by: Led Zeppelin and Metallica

Notable: This band started playing together when most of the members were in school together at Catonsville High School ("We were all nerds and dorks in the higher-level classes," said drummer Dan Klein). They kept practicing and performing though college. And a new album is due this fall.

Quotable: Klein on how long a band should stay together: "It depends on what kind of drugs the band is doing - if you do a lot of drugs it just withers away at your body, and you're not going to be at your peak."

Check out Swath SaturdayAug.28 at the Vault. Mason Dixon and the Coalition, Eddie Stone and Revolutionary Theory are also billed. Swath is scheduled to go on at 9:40 p.m. Tickets are $7. The Vault is at 401 W. Baltimore St. Call 410-244-6000 or visit

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