Annapolis leaders denounce distribution of `racist' fliers

August 24, 2004|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

More than a dozen community leaders gathered around the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley memorial at City Dock in Annapolis yesterday to denounce what they called "racist" fliers distributed around the city Friday and Saturday nights.

The fliers, distributed under the name National Alliance, attack a coming slavery reconciliation walk as "hateful and destructive to white people everywhere." The West Virginia-based group, which has embraced white supremacist views, has been linked to other literature distributed in the region.

The walk's organizers, London-based Lifeline Expedition Group and the Kunta Kinte Alex Haley Foundation, called on the community to stand against the group's message.

"National Alliance programs and propaganda are not wanted here," said Leonard A. Blackshear, president of the Kunta Kinte Foundation.

City police said that despite complaints, the National Alliance cannot be prosecuted for repeatedly distributing materials in Annapolis because members do not advocate violence against a particular group. Literature may be left in a driveway as long as the person doing it does not trespass, authorities say.

"We don't see anything in them that's of a criminal nature," said Officer Hal Dalton, spokesman for the Annapolis police.

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