Postcard from Athens

Athens Olympics 2004

August 20, 2004|By CANDUS THOMSON

I signed just below Nelson Mandela.

The International Olympic Truce Centre is asking visitors to the Summer Games to put their names on an M-tOlympic Truce,M-v a modern extension of the peace proclamation of 776 B.C. that allowed the Games to be played in Olympia.

M-tWe donM-Ft expect to change the world,M-v said volunteer Areti Parnassa, at the display. M-tItM-Fs a window of opportunity. If we can just open the window a little, itM-Fs a start.M-v

Organizers started gathering signatures in 2002 and hope to add thousands, maybe millions, to the panels that will be erected at the next three Olympics.

ThereM-Fs Mandela, Kofi Annan, Nadia Comaneci, Pope John Paul II.

And me.

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