More Michael stuff we're sure you need

August 20, 2004|By KEVIN COWHERD

As we at Phelps Fever know all too well, the world is rapidly dividing into two camps: those still eagerly awaiting each new detail about swim phenom Michael Phelps, and those who will quietly slip into a closed garage with the car running if they hear another word about the guy.

For those not yet overdosed on Michael Mania - did we mention he was just named sexiest male Olympic athlete by online personals site - we present a semi-hidden gem: Michael Phelps' own Web site:

It's got a cool logo - his initials stylized into some kind of seagull-and-waves motif. And it's chock-full of bio stuff and stats, and has the all-important "Ask Michael" section, where fans presumably commune directly with the Big Fella himself.

There's also an impressive photo gallery with shots of Michael mugging with Muhammad Ali, posing with Cindy Crawford during the shooting of a watch commercial, and acting as honorary captain with Ray Lewis, Jonathan Ogden and Matt Stover during the coin toss at a Ravens game.

Oh, and did we mention he won his fourth gold medal yesterday? And that he's on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated? We should probably mention that, too.

Phelps' medal count: Four gold and two bronze



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