Phelps Diary

Athens Olympics 2004

August 16, 2004

During the swimming competition in Athens, Michael Phelps is sharing his thoughts in a daily diary, exclusively for The Sun.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone in Baltimore for his or her support. I am very excited to have this chance to share with you a little bit about my life as an Olympian.

It was exciting to get my first gold medal. That was a huge relief. Now, I can look forward to my other events.

IM-Fm resting a lot between races, and listening to whatever Bob Bowman says. HeM-Fs really strict with my schedule.

I am staying with the rest of the U.S. swim team and am very lucky to share a room with team captain Lenny Krayzelburg.

I have always looked up to Lenny, and we have been having a great time.

On our down time, we usually play video games or watch movies.

The atmosphere is amazing, and the energy has been pushing me to perform better than I have ever before.

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