August 14, 2004

Ravens, NFL amiss with pat-down policy

The NFL and the Ravens have announced that anyone entering M&T Bank Stadium will be subject to a modified pat-down for security reasons. I have concerns about the use and misuse of this new so-called security policy.

The NFL, with advice from the Department of Homeland Security, is suggesting that every team consider pat-downs. Not every team is following this advice. Only a handful of teams will be doing this procedure and, unlike the Ravens, who are using Homeland Security as a lame excuse, the other teams have been conducting pat-downs on selected fans to prevent prohibited alcohol and other items from entering.

The Ravens stated that this policy is in effect until further notice. Guess what? When you give in to something new, it never goes back to the way it was. As a matter of fact, it probably will get worse.

I will not allow myself to be humiliated by some sports organization that considers itself an extension of a government agency.

This is a useless policy that serves only one purpose -- protecting the stadium vendors.

George Pruchniewski Nottingham

With new measure, Ravens cross the line

In regard to the Ravens' pat-down policy, when did I or the 67,000-plus fans who attend the games turn into common criminals? What happened to the Fourth Amendment? The Ravens, the NFL and the Department of Homeland Security are really starting to cross the line here.

We're talking about watching a football game, not getting on an airplane, going into a courthouse, or anything along those lines.

When I contacted the Ravens to voice my displeasure, I was told by a customer service representative that it was league policy and that it was being done to protect the players and the employees of the Ravens.

I find that to be ludicrous. The NFL has played games for almost 100 years without having to resort to such measures.

It is time for people in this country to start standing up for their personal and civil rights and to let our government and institutions know there is a line that you do not cross.

I consider this new policy a crossing of that line.

Joseph F. Greenbeck Jr. Parkville

Why does Angelos keep pushing O's on D.C.?

In a column written by The Sun's Peter Schmuck on Aug. 8, he discusses the efficiency of the Orioles holding a FanFest in both Washington and Baltimore.

Mr. Schmuck writes, "If Orioles fans in the nation's capital want to have a fest, they should be willing to drive to Baltimore from Washington."

I seriously doubt that Orioles fans in Washington have been asking for a FanFest. I'm not sure why the Orioles would even bother because, according to owner Peter Angelos, there are no baseball fans in D.C.

Major League Baseball and Angelos have been shoving the Orioles down our throats, and the Baltimore media and fans blame us for it. Go figure.

Dick Becker Silver Spring

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