Carroll Digest


August 13, 2004

County to use grant for airport planning

Carroll County will use a $429,875 grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to plot the future of its regional airport.

"With this grant, we can proceed with the public process for updating our master plan," said Gary Horst, administrator of the Office of Performance Auditing and Special Projects.

Horst will schedule meetings with neighborhood groups to discuss a possible runway extension and plans for newly acquired land next to the airport on Route 97, outside Westminster.

The county commissioners are putting together an advisory panel to address airport issues. The panel will include residents, officials and pilots.

Carroll to pay $78,200 to buy land for traffic circle

The county will pay the Church of the Open Door $78,200 for a small parcel of land needed to build a traffic circle at Gorsuch Road and Center Street in Westminster.

The county commissioners authorized the purchase of the .41-acre parcel yesterday.

"They had us over a barrel," said Commissioner Julia Walsh Gouge about the price. "We need the roundabout, and this is part of it."

Commissioners endorse deal to build observatory

The county commissioners endorsed an agreement yesterday that will allow the Westminster Astronomical Society to move forward with plans to build an observatory on county-owned land at Bear Branch Nature Center in Westminster.

"With the commissioners' blessing, the group can start fund raising," said Kimberly Millender, county attorney.

The project is estimated to cost $50,000. Plans call for a 900-square-foot building with a roll-off roof.

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