Transcript: Coach Billick's post-practice news conference

August 10, 2004|By C.J. Holley | C.J. Holley, Staff

Question: Brian, is Zeus [Orlando Brown] back? He didn't practice much.

Coach Billick: We'll see, he's having to deal with a personal issue, some serious things going on that he has to attend to. I think he should be ready to go for Thursday night but we're going to have to respect what he's dealing with at home.

Q: Good to see Todd [Heap] back?

Billick: Yeah, running around, we'll decide what he's going to do Thursday night M-{ a series or two. Right now we seem fairly healthy we'll all get a better feel for it once we get through the practice and see where some of the pulls and aches and pains are going. But right now we're fairly full strength.

Q: What role is Devard Darling going to play in your offense this season?

Billick: We're going to find out. I haven't seen him in a real game yet so I've got no clue M-{ haven't got a clue. But he sure shows a lot of promise.

Q: Brian, do you sense today that the guys are just clamoring to play against somebody?

Billick: To a degree, they were pretty focused today. We'll probably see it a little bit tomorrow, a little bit more. They're ready to play a game, we're ready to play a game, I think M-{ I hope. But, yeah, they're ready to do something else than what we've been doing.

Q: [Redskins tackle] Jon Jansen got hurt last night, probably out for the year, and a lot of players will say that these games are meaningless. Obviously to you and the coaching staff they're not.

Billick: Never. You never step on a football field without a purpose. I don't care if it's practice, walk-through, or in a game M-{ you better have a purpose. That's all you can focus on, yes every time there's a potential for injury M-{ you can't focus on it, because then, hell, just don't play. If we didn't have to do this, we wouldn't.

Q: How much do you hold your breath when your front-line guys are out there, even for that one quarter?

Billick: I worry. I worry all the time, but you can't let it paralyze you and you've got to play the game and go.

Q: Can you describe [outside linebackers coach] Jeff Fitzgerald's demeanor M-{ he's pretty fiery.

Billick: Up-tempo. Up-tempo, which is very good. I can imagine this guy, in bed at night like a little puppy chasing a rabbit whit those little puppy dreams. I guarantee at night he's twitching and moving in the same way, which is great M-{ the players respond to that.

Q: What do you think of grown men and women out here, fans, wearing football jerseys?

Billick: God love them.

Q: Did you do that?

Billick: Oh sure, I had my favorite guys and my favorite teams and the jerseys, God bless America.

Q: Who did you wear when you were a kid?

Billick: I really liked Fran Tarkenton. Roman Gabriel M-{ because I was in L.A. and I was a big quarterback so 18 was always a favorite number for me. Don Meredith was a big favorite of mine.

August 10, 2004, 4:05 PM EDT

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