Potty-mouth DJ team finds a home on XM

August 10, 2004|By David Hinckley | David Hinckley,NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

NEW YORK - Radio bad boys Opie and Anthony are coming back, and they just might be badder than ever. This time, however, they do come at a price for listeners.

Starting Oct. 4, the former syndicated afternoon hosts will do a four-hour show each morning on XM Satellite Radio, where there are almost no content restrictions and which is creating a premium channel just for Gregg (Opie) Hughes and Anthony Cumia.

That means fans have to buy an XM radio, pay the regular $9.99 monthly subscription fee and then pay an additional $1.99 per month for the new channel, which will start with just Opie and Anthony before it adds other programming.

"I can't tell you how happy we are to be back," Cumia said. "This will be the show we want and our fans want, with no censorship. Nothing is off limits."

Opie and Anthony were a hot ticket before they were taken off the air in August 2002 because a couple in their "Sex for Sam" contest was seen having sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral.

The resulting outrage helped prompt the current national argument over inappropriate media content.

Opie said the new show will be a lot like the old show, with most of the same cast. It will be done live in morning drive, then rebroadcast through the day.

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