Meet the Band: The Doug Mattingly Band

Meet the Band


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August 05, 2004|By Annie Linskey

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Kevin Gift, piano and keyboard; Tempee Warmack, rhythm guitar; Dan Ostrowsky, drummer, Bill Burke, bass; Doug Mattingly, vocals, guitar, songwriter.

Founded in: 2002

Style: Pop rock

Influenced by: Sting, Matchbox Twenty, John Mayer

Notable: Each member of the band gets some time to play a solo, according to Mattingly.

Quotable: Mattingly on songwriting: M-tI donM-Ft write in a cathartic way. Some artists are angry and write about what they are going through. But everything [I write] is from experience and from the heart. IM-Fm accomplishing what I hoped to accomplish u to make a difference and to touch peopleM-Fs lives.M-v

Check out The Doug Mattingly Band at its CD release party at the Funk Box tomorrow night. Eyekon, DGA and Liquid Core Radio are also billed. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $11 cash, $12 charge. The Funk Box is at 10 E. Cross St. Call 410-625-2000 or visit

For more information on the band, visit www.dougmatting To see the archive of profiled artists, visit www.balti

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