Transcript excerpt: Coach Billick's Tuesday post-practice comments

August 03, 2004|By Staff

Question: Coach, can you talk about the receiving corps? Not just the top three guys, it was a real good day for Randy Hymes and some of the guys that are pushing for jobs.

Coach Billick: Yeah, with every opportunity you're looking for someone to step up and make plays. The third spot is wide open, the fourth and fifth spots are wide open on the team and there's a lot of opportunity here. They're all trying to make it happen.

Q: Brian, you talk about efficiency in the passing game, how does that relate to the wide receivers?

Billick: It's important, probably a little more to do with the tight ends and the backs in terms of us moving -- that two catches a game, I'm talking about. That then leads to more opportunities that leads to more catches. But certainly the receivers are part of it.

Q: Before the scrimmage on Friday, is there going to be a practice where they [the players] can actually go and tackle?

Billick: Oh yeah, we've been what we call a "thud and move the ball." We'll have a live goal line, short yardage tomorrow. Thursday we'll probably whack it around just a little bit, controlled. Yeah, we'll get some live tackling in before Friday night.

Q: Speaking of spots that are wide open, right guard, Bennie [Anderson] and Casey [Rabach], how do you see that?

Billick: It's a good battle, both are fighting their fannies off, and those are big fannies. It's quite a battle.

Q: Brian, in the past you've said that it's hard to put team together in training camp because so many guys are fighting for jobs, is that different this year?

Billick: It is, I think we've started from jump street. That doesn't belie the fact that there is competition. But they understand what the core of this team is and they're working real hard for that core, for that camaraderie, for that team feeling to take place right from the first practice.

Q: Right or wrong, a lot of fingers were pointed at Orlando Brown at the end of last season. Does he need to get his temper under control?

Billick: They were wrong. Sure he does [need to control his temper], and he's made some big strides and, like I said, "the only thing you can call your own are your mistakes," and that was a huge mistake that he learned from. It doesn't mean it's not going to happen again, it doesn't mean he's going to be perfect, but he's very cognizant of what that cost us. It was worth it to the degree that now we're going to be able to go forward as a better team.

Q:What has Mike Nolan brought to this defense, obviously the switch to 3-4, but in terms of an aggressive style of play?

Billick: I think Mike's done an excellent job of matching what we do with who we have and integrating what we do with the personality of the players. He does a great deal of communicating with our guys and "how do they see it, what do they want to do?" Obviously, he's got to make the call and he's done a great job with that.

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