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August 01, 2004

Hate financial planning? Then it will be easy to remember the address of this Web site - www.ihatefinancialplanning. com.

Here you'll find the resources - and the motivation - you need to get ready for the rest of your financial life.

Of course, there's the usual collection of calculators telling you, say, how much your 401(k) might be worth someday or how long it will take to pay off your credit cards.

But there's much more here to tickle your interest: such as articles on how to create a personal written financial plan, how to determine your risk tolerance, how to find a professional financial planner, even how to pump up your savings.

It's not all serious stuff, either. One essay titled "Beer vs. Stocks" examines the return on telecom stock relative to spending the cash on beer. (In at least one case, you would have been better off with bottle deposits.)

If you need planning help, could be worth your weight in gold - a figure you can easily compute there using another online calculator.

- John M. Moran, The Hartford Courant

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