July 30, 2004

A quotation was attributed incorrectly in an article in Wednesday's editions of The Sun on the possibility of the NCAA's granting five years of playing eligibility to student-athletes.

The statements were: "If you are doing it for one sport or two sports, eventually it's going to come full circle. If you are going to do it for men's basketball and women's basketball and nobody else, I guess you could probably survive. But if you go out and do it for football, you've got 63 scholarships in 1-AA and 85 in 1-A. Where's the comparable women's sport to that?" They were spoken by Dr. Wayne Edwards, athletic director at Towson University.

The Education Beat column of July 28 stated incorrectly that Robert E. Schiller served as interim Baltimore school superintendent during the time the city and state settled a pair of lawsuits and entered a partnership to run the schools. In fact, Schiller's appointment was a result of the settlement in November 1996.

The Sun regrets the errors.

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