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July 29, 2004


Deaths top 100 for day in Iraq

In a deadly day across Iraq, a car bomb tore through a crowd applying for police work in Baqouba, killing at least 68 Iraqis in the deadliest attack since Iraq regained sovereignty. Fighting south of Baghdad left seven Iraqi police officers and 35 insurgents dead. [Page 1a]

Yukos warning shakes oil market

Yukos, Russia's besieged oil giant, warned that it might be forced to stop exporting oil, rattling world oil markets and driving the price of crude to its highest level in 21 years. [Page 1a]


Tonight is Kerry's big moment

Tonight is John Kerry's moment, the biggest speech of his life and a potential turning point in the race for the White House. If Americans know anything about him, it's what he's not. He's not warm and fuzzy. He's not stupid. And he's not George W. Bush. [Page 1a]

Parents sue U.S. in jailing of son

The parents of Ahmed Abu Ali, 23, of Virginia, who was jailed without charges in Saudi Arabia, have sued the United States in what lawyers say is the first lawsuit filed on behalf of a U.S. citizen detained in a third country at U.S. request. [Page 3a]

Less-noticed points of 9/11 report

From setting federal standards for state driver's licenses to screening passengers more thoroughly at airports, the report of the 9/11 commission contains more than a dozen little-noticed recommendations that would affect the daily lives, travel and security of ordinary citizens. [Page 7a]


Meat, dairy tax proposed for bay

Maryland shoppers would pay a penny-a-pound tax on meat and dairy products to help clean up the Chesapeake Bay, under a proposal by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Lawmakers said the proposal would find the going rough in Annapolis. [Page 1b]

This is wettest July in 59 years

More than 4 inches of rain yesterday at Baltimore-Washington International Airport ensured that this July will go down as the wettest in 59 years and the fifth wettest in history. The downpour caused no serious damage. [Page 2b]

MTBE leaks found at gas station

Up to 17 potential leaks of a gasoline additive have been found at an Exxon station in Harford County. Officials With the Maryland Department of the Environment said the leaks might have helped taint groundwater with the additive MTBE. An Exxon Mobil spokeswoman called the leaks minor. [Page 2b]


Walkman reaches its 25th year

Twenty-five years ago this month, Sony began selling its Walkman, a device whose name would come to stand for all personal, portable stereo devices and which set people free to move to a different drummer. [Page 1c]

`Morning Edition' host leaving NPR

Bob Edwards, host of National Public Radio's Morning Edition for nearly a quarter-century, is leaving the network to start a morning show for distribution on satellite radio. Edwards led Morning Edition from its start in 1979 until April 30, when he was reassigned. [Page 2c]


June a bad auto-sales month

Skittish customers, high gas prices and less-than generous incentives led to the worst June for vehicle sales in recent years, industry analysts say. The state of the auto industry is important to the country's economic health because it makes up about 5 percent of the economic activity. [Page 1a]

Price of Fort Ritchie tied to jobs

A Columbia office developer will get the former Fort Ritchie Army post in Western Maryland for $5 million to $9 million, depending on the number of jobs it creates and how speedily it creates them. [Page 1d]

Matrics Inc. sold to N.Y. company

Matrics Inc., a Rockville technology company that makes radio-frequency identification tags used for electronic tracking, has been sold to Symbol Technologies of Holtsville, N.Y., for $230 million. Matrics, a 5-year-old privately held company, has 64 employees. [Page 1d]


Ravens' Billick gets new contract

Brian Billick confirmed that he has signed a multiyear deal with the Ravens that will make him one of the NFL's best-paid coaches. Both sides declined to disclose terms or length of the contract, but it is estimated to be worth about $4.5 million a season. [Page 1e]

O's Borkowski beat Red Sox, 4-1

Dave Borkowski allowed three hits in seven-plus innings and Javy Lopez hit two homers off All-Star Curt Schilling to lead the Orioles past visiting Boston, 4-1. Borkowski, called up from the minor leagues this month, struck out seven and walked none. [Page 1e]

Rahman wins 2nd-round knockout

Former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman of Baltimore knocked out Terrence Lewis 43 seconds into the second round in Rochester, N.Y. Rahman, 31, won his fourth fight in the past five months. [Page 1e]

Ponson loses weight, makes gains

After being criticized for being overweight, Orioles pitcher Sidney Ponson said he has dropped 16 pounds since the start of spring training, including 10 in the past month. He is 2-0 since losing nine straight starts. [Page 3e]



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