Schools require notification of charges of child abuse

Firms doing business with system must disclose


Anyone doing business with the Carroll County school system will be required to notify school officials of any charges of child abuse against its employees or officers.

"If any officer of the corporation or organization [that uses our facilities] - or any employee of that organization - is accused of child abuse, they will notify us within 24 hours indicating the individual that was so charged," schools Superintendent Charles I. Ecker said at yesterday's school board meeting.

This requirement "will be added to all of our facility-use applications and all the contracts we have for people using our facilities," Ecker said.

The company or organization would be required to notify the school system's department of facilities, where facility-use applications are submitted.

When board member Susan Holt later asked whether the rule would apply to contracts that were being voted on yesterday, Ecker said it would.

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