Attack victims

July 29, 2004

Attack victims

Foreign relief and development workers killed in Afghanistan since March 2003:

June 10: Eleven Chinese road workers and an Afghan security guard are fatally shot in northern Kunduz province.

June 2: Three Europeans and two Afghans working for Doctors Without Borders are shot and killed in northwestern Baghdis.

May 5: Three United Nations election workers, including two British security consultants, are shot dead in eastern Nuristan. The Taliban claim responsibility.

March 5: A Turkish engineer is fatally shot on Kabul-Kandahar highway in Zabul province.

Feb. 22: An Australian helicopter pilot for Louis Berger Group Inc. is killed by a lone gunman. An American female construction supervisor and a British security guard are seriously wounded.

Nov. 16: Bettina Goislard, a French woman working for the U.N. refugee agency, is fatally shot at short range in the southeastern city of Ghazni. An Afghan colleague is wounded.

Sept. 8: Suspected Taliban rebels ambush four Afghans working on a water project for a Danish aid group in Ghazni province, tying them up and executing them.

Aug. 13: Two Afghans working for the Afghan Red Crescent are killed by gunmen and three are wounded in Ghazni province.

May 24, 2003: Two engineers working for German aid agency Agro Action are critically wounded by remote-controlled bombs exploding by their jeep near the eastern city of Jalalabad.

March 27, 2003: Suspected Taliban attack and kill a worker for the International Committee of the Red Cross, Ricardo Munguia of El Salvador, in southern Helmand province.

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