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Survey Says


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July 29, 2004

Last week's question

How many vacations do you usually take during the summer?

15.4 percent None, I go away when the crowds disappear. (2 votes)

23.1 percent Just one. (3 votes)

0 percent One at the beginning and one at the end. (0 votes)

38.5 percent I try to take some sort of trip every few weeks. (5 votes)

0 percent I go away for the entire summer. (0 votes)

7.7 percent I've never had a vacation. (1 votes)

15.4 percent Other (2 votes)

13 total votes

Question of the week:

How do you like your crabs?

By the bushel

Cleaned and picked for me

In a crab cake

Soft shell

Steamed and spicy

I don't like crabs

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