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July 26, 2004


Democrats target undecideds Democrats will convene in Boston today with a singular aim: to introduce their nominee, Sen. John Kerry, to the country's undecided voters. Polls show Kerry and President Bush in a virtual dead heat. [Page 1a]

Clintons at center stage in Boston

When Bill and Hillary Clinton appear in prime time tonight at Boston's Fleet Center, they will bask in the adulation of a party that still considers them its biggest superstars and nurtures hopes of one day seeing them in the White House again. [Page 1a]

9/11 panel points to danger zones

The Sept. 11 commission has proposed a broad U.S. strategy that pinpoints Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as high danger zones and demands more effort to counter a radical Islamist ideology. The panel recommends using economic policy, foreign aid and diplomacy, and enlisting Muslim nations as partners[Page 1a]


Violence surges in Iraq

U.S. and Iraqi troops backed by heavy artillery and helicopters killed 15 insurgents in fighting in a city north of Baghdad as violence surged throughout the country. Insurgents also assassinated a former government official in Baghdad, killed a U.S. soldier in a roadside bombing and gunned down five people in a series of attacks in the northern Iraqi oil city, Kirkuk. [Page 7a]

Israelis stage mile-long protest

Tens of thousands of Israelis formed a 55-mile-long human chain from the Gaza Strip to Jerusalem to protest Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to remove Jewish settlements from the coastal strip and part of the West Bank. [Page 7a]


Diet soda hard on teeth

It's not just sugar in soft drinks that damages teeth. Diet soda can cause just as much harm to enamel - the hardest surface in the human body - according to a new study by a professor at the University of Maryland Dental School. [Page 8a]

Study re-ignites crater debate

A new study has rekindled debate about one of Earth's oldest mysteries: What was it that smashed into the planet 35 million years ago and created the largest impact crater in the United States - at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay - and another of about the same size in Russia? [Page 9a]


Flood victims still rebuilding

Some Marylanders are still cleaning away mud and debris and trying to move back into their homes and reopen their shops after torrential downpours July 12 caused flooding from Baltimore to Cecil County. Others, however, say they plan to start anew elsewhere, away from flood-prone areas. [Page 1b]

Housing plan looks to past

A developer wants to build affordable housing in high-rent Howard County using an old idea - locating modestly priced apartments above retail stores. The plan would put 80 apartments above stores proposed for U.S. 1 in North Laurel. [Page 1b]

Off-duty trooper hit by car

An off-duty state trooper was sprayed with a chemical irritant and struck by a car while trying to stop its operator for reckless driving on a Bel Air shopping center parking lot. The trooper was treated for minor injuries, and the driver was jailed on charges including attempted murder. [Page 2b]


Armstrong wins 6th Tour

Lance Armstrong strode into Paris for a coronation that was celebrated in yellow. Wearing the yellow jersey as the overall leader of the Tour de France, the Texan collected a bouquet of yellow roses held by his mother and a record sixth consecutive title. Armstrong won the 20-stage, 2,000-mile event by 6 minutes, 19 seconds. [Page 1a]

Twins pound O's, 8-4

Rookie pitcher Daniel Cabrera suffered his worst performance of his major league career at the hands of the Minnesota Twins, who pounded him for eight runs and 11 hits in five-plus innings as the Orioles lost, 8-4. Miguel Tejada stayed hot for the Orioles, contributing two hits and two runs. [Page 1c]

Dolphins' Williams to retire

The Miami Dolphins were left stunned not only by Ricky Williams' decision to retire at age 27, but also by the way he announced it. Williams, who rushed for 3,225 yards in two seasons with Miami, told coach Dave Wannstedt of his choice by phone from Hawaii. Williams will walk away from as much as $6 million this season. [Page 1c]


Convention coverage reduced

ABC, NBC and CBS will devote little time to the political conventions, leaving 50 hours or so to MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, C-SPAN and PBS. The reason: dullness. "It's all so scripted. It's all so packaged," says Dennis McGrath, an adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore. [Page 1d]

`Bourne' top weekend movie

Matt Damon's The Bourne Supremacy was the top movie over the weekend, with estimated ticket sales of $53.5 million. Fahrenheit 9/11 continued to break records for a documentary. [Page 1d]


"We feel like we're collateral damage caught in a bureaucratic battle. Right now, we have no idea what to do." Craig Toussiant, whose plans to build a home have been halted by a state-imposed ban on new construction in Middletown. (Article, Page 1B)



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