July 25, 2004

Meddling by Angelos doesn't help Orioles

In a recent article in The Sun ["Off-course, Mazzilli, O's look for direction," July 15], it seems the recent Orioles swoon has been met with yet more meddling by Peter Angelos. When will he learn?

He is a lawyer, not a baseball expert - as history has shown.

His refusal to allow "baseball guys" to make the baseball decisions will forever curse the Orioles.

He would be wise to study the shrewd, classy example set by Art Modell with the Ravens.

Though Modell has one of the richest pedigrees in football, he never kidded himself that he knew more about running a football team than the competent professionals he employed. He put the right pieces in place and only stepped in when absolutely necessary.

As a result, the Ravens have flourished by having football people making the football decisions, without any of the interference and second-guessing that haunts Orioles executives.

It must be insulting to everyone in the organization to know that the boss with no baseball pedigree thinks he can do a better job. If only Angelos would take a step back, he would see he hurts the Orioles more than helps them every time he gets involved.

I fear the long-awaited Orioles resurgence will never come to be until Angelos is no longer pulling the reins.

Steven Colmus Baltimore

It's time for Angelos to sell the Orioles

For all the infighting that remains in the Orioles' organization, it appears Peter Angelos is still the little man behind the curtain.

The Orioles will never be a successful organization until Angelos sells the team because he will not change, and even if he did, no respectable general manager would come here.

Anyone Angelos hires is inept and anyone they hire will thus be inept. He must sell the team.

If it takes a team coming to Washington, so be it. I'd rather root for a financially impaired team than a bully who only beats himself up.

Brad DeLauder Lutherville

Market for pitchers was weak last year

I read the article by Laura Vecsey on July 18 ["Hiring 1st-year manager looks like rookie mistake"], and I differ from her opinion. I believe that the free-agent market is to blame for the Orioles' woes.

The Orioles are a rebuilding team, and the free-agent market didn't offer many pitchers this past offseason. The Orioles signed three great players, but no great pitchers.

I don't understand how all the blame can be put on manager Lee Mazzilli. I don't think Mazzilli's job should be in jeopardy. He has done a good job; he just doesn't have any pitching.

Nick Johnson Catonsville

Ravens need to give McAlister his money

If I were Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister, I'd be exasperated, too. ["Stalled talks put McAlister in foul mood," July 17]

How long are the Ravens going to dangle a long-term contract in front of him only to make him a franchise player year after year?

As a diehard Ravens fan, it amazes me how slow the team always has been in negotiating contracts. If McAlister was with another team, he probably would've been signed already.

McAlister has proved that he's one of the best cornerbacks, and we all know how important it is to have a good cornerback.

He wants the contract Champ Bailey got. If McAlister is the best in the league, as coach Brian Billick has stated, he deserves the same package.

Steve Liebowitz Owings Mills

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