Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2004

Governor makes good school board choice

I am delighted that Governor Ehrlich has again listened to the citizens of Anne Arundel County by filling a vacancy on the county School Board with one of the candidates endorsed by the Nominating Convention. The Governor understands that, flawed as it is, the Nominating Convention is the one opportunity for county residents to have any say in selecting who represents them, until we have an elected School Board.

As the father of two children in Anne Arundel County public schools, Michael Leahy will bring his perspective as a parent to the Board, and is committed to increasing parental involvement in public education. As a lawyer specializing in infrastructure management, finance, and regulation, Mr. Leahy's expertise will be valuable in dealing with the fiscal issues facing our schools. I am confident that his dedication to accountability and maximizing our financial resources will help ensure that our children get the most from their public education. Anne Arundel County parents can be sure that they will have a great representative in Mr. Leahy.

If the Governor had one difficulty this year, it was that he had to choose between two excellent candidates. The other candidate, Pam Bukowski of Annapolis, is the mother of six children who currently attend or have graduated from Anne Arundel County Public Schools. A teacher and speech pathologist, she has also volunteered a great deal of her time to our schools. Mrs. Bukowski has a lot to contribute to public education in our county, and I would be delighted if she decided to seek a seat on the School Board in the future.

Janet Greenip

Senator, District 33 Anne Arundel County (Crofton)

Sandy Point Park fees are exorbitant

I am fortunate enough to live in walking or bike riding distance to our beautiful Sandy Point Park. It is wonderful to simply ride through for the fabulous view and breeze from the Bay. I am appalled, however, at the exorbitant fees for people driving into the Park. A fee of $5 a car would seem fair, but $5 per person is outrageous! Last week, as I biked through the Park, there were so many large family gatherings. The fee schedule as you enter the Park does not list any discount for children or seniors, so I suspect most of the groups were paying $50 or more to enter. Since the vast majority of attendees I see there are minorities (African-American or Hispanic) and since those living in neighborhoods on the water or with community pools don't likely attend, I suspect this is another regressive "tax" by the State. A beautiful State facility such as this should be available at a more reasonable cost to everyone, but it is sad that those most likely to enjoy it are burdened by the fees the most.

Gail Goldman


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