Police capture 27 1/2 -inch caiman in Seneca Creek


Baltimore County and Maryland Natural Resources police caught a caiman Friday night that had been playing in the waters of Seneca Creek in Bowleys Quarters and making occasional appearances for about two weeks, authorities said yesterday.

Using a spotlight and a large dip net, officials snagged the 27 1/2 -inch-long reptile, an alligator cousin that can legally be kept as a pet in Maryland.

For more than an hour Friday, DNR and Baltimore County officials tried to catch the reptile, which surfaced near a bulkhead. Officials approached the caiman from the shore and caught it in the net, authorities said.

Officials said that the caiman was likely a pet and that they do not know how the reptile got into the creek in eastern Baltimore County.

Natural Resources police said they are holding onto the reptile until they know what to do with it. Officials do not plan to euthanize it.

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