Eight 'gurus' of investment offer advice

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July 04, 2004|By John M. Moran, The Hartford Courant

Want to pick stocks like investment legend Benjamin Graham or mutual funds kingpin Peter Lynch? Sure you do. And now you can try.

A feature of the Nasdaq Web site lets you evaluate potential stock picks against the philosophies of eight investment gurus and offers an approach to stock analysis.

Start by visiting the Guru Screener page - www.nasdaq. com/reference/guru.stm. Once there, get stock suggestions based on the investment philosophies of one or more "gurus," including the aforementioned Graham and Lynch, noted growth investor Martin Zweig, contrarian investor David Dreman, and others.

Or see how your own picks are rated against their systems by clicking on the Guru Analysis link at the top of the page. The results come with a detailed analysis of why the stocks measure up - or don't - depending on whose investment approach is being applied.

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