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July 02, 2004


A close look at Saturn's rings

As it slipped into orbit around Saturn after a seven-year journey, the Cassini spacecraft thrilled scientists and laymen alike yesterday with the most spectacular close-ups ever of the planet's beautiful and mysterious rings. Scientists hope the rings will tell them more about how flat collections of particles form planets. [Page 3a]

Rabies kill 3 transplant patients

Three transplant patients have died of rabies after receiving organs from an Arkansas man who was unknowingly infected with the virus. Federal officials said it was the first time rabies has been passed on through an organ transplant. The donor died in Texas of an apparent brain hemorrhage. Officials said the organs were not tested for rabies because it is not part of the regular screening process. [Page 3a]


Hussein calls proceedings a sham

A defiant Saddam Hussein appeared before an Iraqi judge today and called the judicial proceedings against him a sham and proclaimed himself to still be president of Iraq. The judge informed Hussein that he was facing seven broad charges, ranging from the deadly gassing of Kurds in the 1980s to the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. [Page 1a]

Impact of trial in question

Legal analysts and diplomats are unsure whether Saddam Hussein's trial will do much to further the United States' push for democracy in the Middle East. [Page 1a]

Sudan settlement disappears

Hours before U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's arrival at the dismal Meshtel camp in Sudan, its more than 1,000 residents were relocated. A Sudanese official explained that the settlement on Annan's itinerary no longer existed. The official said it was humanitarianism, not public relations, that motivated the move. [Page 8a]


State sues tobacco co. over ad

Maryland has filed a $5.3 million lawsuit against cigarette maker Brown & Williamson Corp., claiming a hip hop-themed promotional campaign for its Kool brand violates an agreement not to market tobacco to children. [Page 1b]

Ehrlich visits Hickey School

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. visited the Charles H. Hickey Jr. School yesterday to draw attention to the state's recent improvements there. But, as Juvenile Services Secretary Kenneth C. Montague Jr. said, "There are still many issues and challenges we have to overcome." [Page 1b]


Cordish Co. in dress-code dispute

The Cordish Co., a Baltimore-based developer, has been embroiled in a dispute over the dress code at its open-air venue in Louisville, Ky., that reflects a larger debate pitting control of decorum versus potential discrimination. Bowing to pressure, the company lifted a prohibition this week that critics said targeted blacks. [Page 1a]

BDC reissues proposals request

It should have been smooth sailing: The Baltimore Development Corp. wanted Hollander Ridge off its hands, and seven companies wanted to take it. But the economic development agency has scrapped applications for the 51-acre former public housing project and issued a new request for proposals this week, potentially delaying its redevelopment by eight months because of a legal snag. [Page 1c]

Guilford expects $42 million

Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc. expects to raise about $42 million from its previously announced stock offering, money that will be used to finance the clinical trials of several key drugs, the Baltimore-based company said yesterday. [Page 2c]


Lakers approach Duke coach

The Los Angeles Lakers are in "serious discussions" with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski about their coaching vacancy. Krzyzewski, a Hall of Fame coach, informed school officials that the Lakers had contacted him about the job, Duke athletic director Joe Alleva said. [Page 1d]

Williams, Sharapova to face off

Top seed Serena Williams, seeking her third straight Wimbledon title, rallied to defeat No. 4 Amelie Mauresmo, 6-7 (4), 7-5, 6-4, in the semifinals. Williams will meet Maria Sharapova, who beat 1999 champion Lindsay Davenport, 2-6, 7-6 (5), 6-1, to become, at 17, the third-youngest Wimbledon women's finalist in history. [Page 1d]

Orioles throw off Royals, 3-2

Rodrigo Lopez survived a rough first inning and retired the last 15 batters he faced to lead the Orioles to a 3-2 win over the host Kansas City Royals. The Orioles, who retired the last 24 Kansas City batters, took three of four from the Royals to notch their first series win since late May. [Page 1d]


Bennett fan gets refund

After singer Tony Bennett intervenes, a man who bid $15,000 at a charity auction in the mistaken hope of dining with the singer has his money returned. Winning bidder Gary Pusateri says he's relieved. [Page 1e]



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Balco investigation got you stumped? Read stories and see a video of Jeff Barker, The Sun's sports reporter, talking about the investigation into the San Francisco area lab accused of supplying athletes with steroids.


"This has never happened before, but we need to do whatever we can to prevent it from happening again."

Dr. Mitchell Cohen, on transplant patients who died from rabies-infected organs (Article, Page 3A)














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