Quinter elected chairman of county House delegation

1st-year delegate replaces Turner, head for 3 years


Freshman Del. Neil F. Quinter is the new chairman of Howard County's delegation to the Maryland House of Delegates, replacing Frank S. Turner, a fellow Democrat.

"I'd done it three years," Turner said. "It was a good time to show some other individual's leadership skills."

Turner is taking over chairmanship of the House Appropriations subcommittee on personnel, and is vice chairman of the education subcommittee.

Although Del. Gail H. Bates, a western county Republican, expressed interest in the chairman's job, "Neil was going to get elected," Turner said.

Bates is one of two Republicans in Howard's House delegation, which has six Democrats.

Members chose Quinter via e-mail. Bates, who is in Florida this week, said she had no access to her legislative e-mail and did not vote.

"I don't particularly like tilting at windmills," she said, but added that she wanted to express "concern about the process." She said she first heard the chairmanship was vacant when Quinter called to solicit her vote.

In the county's state Senate delegation, where the GOP has a 2-1 edge, Republican Robert H. Kittleman will continue as chairman.

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