June 27, 2004

Preston's commentary on Ravens subversive

I wish to express my deep disgust with Mike Preston and his so-called Ravens coverage in the June 17 sports section ["McAlister takes issue with double standard"].

I am a dedicated Ravens fan and ticket holder and view his article on cornerback Chris McAlister's contract situation as subversive to McAlister and the Ravens.

I guess he called McAlister and got him to say the things that he allegedly said so he could pen one of the nastiest articles I have ever read.

By publishing that, he creates bad blood between McAlister and the team at a time of negotiations, and by calling out specific names he creates bad blood among the players.

The fact is, the team is not allowed to continue negotiations until after mid-July. How does Preston know that the team is hesitant to sign McAlister because of potential character issues? How does he know that the team is hesitant at all?

I don't know what his problem is with the Ravens, but if all he can come up with is venomous sarcasm, then as far as I'm concerned, he should not be covering Baltimore sports.

Jonathan Brown Elkridge

Angelos should focus on Orioles, not D.C.

As a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan, I say owner Peter Angelos needs to worry about the lackluster play of his team rather than about D.C. getting a baseball team.

While the Orioles have been in the Angelos stewardship, he's taken what was once one of the proudest franchises in baseball and turned it into an embarrassment.

Rather than being concerned about the D.C. baseball affairs hurting the Orioles' revenue, Mr. Angelos needs to worry about fielding a team of winners that the Orioles' faithful had become accustomed to during the 1960s, '70's and early '80s.

Eric C. Glenn Baltimore

O's trade of prospect for veteran a bad move

What are Orioles vice presidents Jim Beattie and Mike Flanagan thinking?

They trade a 23-year-old pitching prospect (Denny Bautista) to Kansas City (which is rebuilding) for a veteran (Jason Grimsley) who will be 37 this summer?

What possible impact can he have on the Orioles' win total? Five games? So they might lose 70 instead of 75. What difference does that make?

Instead, they should be dumping their veterans for prospects. It's called rebuilding, and that's what last-place teams do. Grimsley surely will be retired by the time the Orioles return to respectability.

Last-place teams trading young talent for aging veterans is just silly. Or, better yet, stupid.

Jeffrey Mariner Phoenix

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