May 30, 2004

Poor pitching means Orioles can't compete

I want to express my dismay with the continued pathetic play of the Orioles.

I was at Camden Yards for Thursday night's 18-5 drubbing at the hands of the Yankees. I have been an Orioles fan since the late 1960s, and that was as painful as any game that I have witnessed.

The Orioles have tried to market this year's team as one that might finally be able to compete in the American League East. Did vice presidents Jim Beattie and Mike Flanagan actually think that the Orioles had any chance of being competitive with the pitching staff that they have assembled?

With Sidney Ponson as the ace (and I use that term loosely) and a bunch of no-name, no-experience stiffs behind him, the Orioles will once again assume their customary position in fourth place in the division.

How the Orioles thought they had adequate starting pitching with the group of stiffs they have assembled is beyond me. Looks like another futile year for the once-proud Orioles.

I can only imagine how badly Lee Mazzilli wishes he were back with the Yankees.

Stuart Adamson Baltimore

Rehashing the past isn't fair to St. Paul's

I am writing in response to the article written in Saturday's sports section on St. Paul's victory over Gilman for the MIAA A Conference lacrosse title ["St. Paul's reclaims its crown, topping No. 3 Gilman, 15-10"].

Instead of celebrating the huge accomplishment of winning the A Conference crown (perhaps the most competitive high school lacrosse conference in the nation), The Sun chose instead to report, once again, on the salacious events from three years ago.

Doing this was irresponsible and incredibly demeaning to the 2004 players, most of whom were not even involved in that event.

Coach Mitch Whiteley and his Crusaders should be able to expect an article that celebrates their huge victory. I am deeply disappointed that The Sun was unable to provide that.

Dyson P. Ehrhardt Baltimore

Note: The writer is associate headmaster for development at Boys' Latin School.

Colorado's retention of Barnett is shameful

University of Colorado president Betsy Hoffman should be ashamed of herself for reinstating football coach Gary Barnett.

This is a man who discounted Katie Hnida's rape allegation because she was a "terrible player." He allegedly plied young recruits (under 21) with alcohol and strippers, or at least ignored it. He epitomizes everything that is ugly and distasteful about the "win at any cost" NCAA. Apparently the only unforgivable sin in college football is losing.

I'd send my kid to the University of Curtis Bay before the University of Colorado.

Ray O'Brocki Baltimore

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