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May 24, 2004


Medicines linked to sex drive

A study involving rats suggests that fetuses and newborns exposed to certain common anti-inflammatory drugs might be at risk for lasting changes in brain structure that can affect adult sexual behavior. [Page 3a]

Dozen tornadoes hit Nebraska

More than a dozen tornadoes swept across southern Nebraska this weekend, killing at least one person and prompting Gov. Mike Johanns to declare a state of emergency. The tornadoes capped two days of severe weather that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people from Nebraska to Michigan to West Virginia. [Page 3a]


Iraqi denies leaking secrets

Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi denied yesterday that he had passed U.S. secrets to Iran. Appearing on Sunday talk shows, Chalabi said he is willing to face questioning by Congress. However, a U.S. intelligence official said Chalabi had received extremely sensitive information. [Page 1a]

Israeli official sparks controversy

Israel's justice minister criticized the military's demolition of Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip, sparking controversy when some leaders interpreted his remarks as drawing parallels with the actions of the Nazis. [Page 7a]

Bombing in India kills 33

Separatist Kashmiri militants set off a remote-controlled bomb that killed 33 people in a bus carrying Indian troops and their families to a popular vacation spot. The attack was seen as an early test for Manmohan Singh, who was sworn in as India's prime minister Saturday. [Page 7a]


Possible exoplanet photographed

Scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope believe they've snapped a photo of the first planet seen outside our solar system. Other "exoplanets" have been discovered orbiting neighboring stars through mathematical formulas, but until now, their images were always wiped out by the brilliant light from the stars themselves. [Page 10a]

Anemia drug may treat other ills

EPO, a well-known drug long used to restore the health of anemic patients, also shows promise as a treatment for stroke, heart attack, spinal cord injuries and other ailments, scientists say. But many criticize pharmaceutical companies for not working hard enough to pursue the drug's potential outside of the lucrative anemia market. [Page 11a]


Bush adviser speaks at college

White House Chief Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales spoke at Mount St. Mary College's commencement yesterday despite concerns by some that his advocacy of the death penalty while working for then-Gov. George W. Bush made him a poor choice to address the Roman Catholic college. [Page 1b]

No-bid contract causes dispute

Two Baltimore courthouses recently began to offer wireless access to the Internet after a no-bid contract was awarded to Courthouse Connect. Although the firm installed the technology for free, critics say that because the firm will profit by charging users of the service, the contract should have been publicly bid. [Page 1b]


Theater woos black audiences

The Broadway theater where Sean "P.Diddy" Combs is starring in a revival of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun makes extra efforts to reach out to the African-American community. [Page 1c]

Music festival draws thousands

The HFStival at RFK Stadium in Washington brings out thousands of young people to hear alternative rock bands and one genuine rap star Saturday. [Page 1c]

Sculpture perches above building

Baltimore's George H. Fallon Federal Building gets a huge new piece of public sculpture: Swing Over, by New York artist Alice Aycock. The $350,000 sculpture, which has just been completed above the building's entrance, depicts the flight paths of two mating hummingbirds. [Page 1c]


Angels sweep Orioles in 3 games

The Anaheim Angels completed a three-game sweep of the Orioles with an 8-3 victory. Orioles pitcher Daniel Cabrera (2-1) was charged with six runs, nine hits and three walks in four innings. [Page 1d]

Phelps wins 2 events at meet

Michael Phelps, the 18-year-old from Rodgers Forge, won the 100 freestyle and the 200 individual medley at the Santa Clara International Invitational swim meet. He finished second in the 100 backstroke. The three races were conducted within 65 minutes. [Page 1d]

Syracuse advances to semifinals

Syracuse slipped by Georgetown, 8-7, in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Division I men's lacrosse tournament. Syracuse will play Johns Hopkins in Saturday's semifinals at M&T Bank Stadium. [Page 2d]

Virginia takes lacrosse title

No. 2 Virginia defeated No. 1 Princeton, 10-4, in the NCAA Division I women's lacrosse championship. Goalie Andrea Pfeiffer made a career-high 19 saves against the two-time defending champion Tigers at Princeton Stadium. [Page 3d]



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"The consequences are ... grave in terms if image since this was our showcase jewel."

Pierre Graff, president of Aeroports de Paris, on the roof collapse at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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