Letters to the Editor


May 23, 2004

School redistricting holds little promise

Well, the annual Howard County redistricting marathon has begun again. This should be an interesting year, as the decision has been made to redistrict both the middle and high schools.

High school redistricting will be done in order to fill the new 12th high school, in Marriottsville. Middle school redistricting will correct mistakes made during the last redistricting.

Fiasco or comedy of errors is perhaps an overly dramatic description of these events. However, many in the county with students attending school think they may be appropriate descriptions. And for some reason, certain areas seem to be more affected than others.

At Patapsco Middle School, we are concerned about perennial overcrowding. Last year parents here were assured that the last redistricting was the final solution.

We were assured that the school system had finally gotten it right and Patapsco Middle would no longer be overcrowded. Unfortunately, next year Patapsco Middle will be well over capacity and continuing to grow for the foreseeable future, while the other Ellicott City middle schools, Burleigh Manor and Ellicott Mills, remain under-enrolled.

The problem is that our community knew this would be the case. Our calculations predicted this overcrowding. We communicated this to the school system and the school board. We were ignored.

Can we get an equitable distribution of students? Can the school system get this right for once? Stay tuned. It is going to be a long hot summer.

Lynn Bosco

Ellicott City

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