Smell the fries, count the calories

Beach Health

May 23, 2004|By Elizabeth Large | Elizabeth Large,Sun Staff

Call them the seven deadly sins of the Ocean City boardwalk -- and we're not talking about getting your belly button pierced.

These are the yummy food treats that are as much a part of the beach experience as catching a wave. We hear they don't have any calories if you eat them on the boardwalk.

If you believe that, read no further.

For the rest of you, here's a rundown of the calorie and fat content of these oh-so-naughty foods.

Large french fries:

6.2 ounces

540 calories

26 grams of fat

Caramel popcorn:

1 serving (about 1 cup)

243 calories

12.3 grams of fat

Funnel cake:

1,308 calories

5.8 grams of fat

Pepperoni pizza:

1 slice ( 1/8 of 12-inch pie)

181 calories

7 grams of fat

Saltwater taffy:

5 pieces

170 calories

3 grams of fat

Vanilla or chocolate soft ice cream cone:

( 1/2 cup)

140 calories

8 grams of fat

Chocolate fudge:

1 piece (0.6 ounces)

65 calories

1.4 grams of fat

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