Star's pick for name isn't a rare Apple

May 18, 2004|By Carl Schoettler

So Gwyneth Paltrow named her new 9-pound, 11-ounce daughter Apple, and the British media went bonkers with more puns that a grade-school play yard. (Apple was born in London, where Paltrow and her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, have a home.) "Apple of her father's eye" quickly became the favored cliche.

But Apple is a pleasant-enough name and no big deal in Thailand. Apple is a common name for Thai girls - and in fact, two of them graduated from Roland Park Country School in 1989.

Aurachavee Apple White (her maiden name is Musikabhamma) lives in Pittsburgh and answers the phone "Apple" when she gets a call from The Sun. She was a little annoyed when she heard Paltrow named her child Apple. White likes the distinction her name gives her - Apple is rare in Pittsburgh.

She did get jokes at Roland Park early on: "They called me `applesauce' and `rotten to the core,' " she says.

White's friend Dr. Suchada Apple Kwunyeun, who is studying on a fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles, doesn't use Apple much anymore. But she has sisters named Pear and Peach. And White has a sister named Cherry. So there are lots of possibilities if Paltrow has more children.

And apples do grow in Thailand, certainly delicious and some crab apples.

"Depending on your mood," White says.

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