Police Blotter


May 17, 2004|By RICHARD IRWIN

Police Blotter is a sampling of crimes from police reports in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Baltimore City

Northwestern District

Homicide/arrest: Darryl Gross, 23, of the 500 block of Hoffman St. was charged last week with first-degree murder in the shooting May 5, 2002, of Kim Nichols, 19, in the 5000 block of Palmer Ave. Nichols, of the 2900 block of Queensberry Ave., was walking home from a liquor store on Park Heights Avenue when he was shot, said Detective Chris Jones. Gross was serving 10 years at a Hagerstown correctional facility for an unrelated crime when he was removed on a writ Thursday and charged with Nichols' murder. Gross is being held at Central Booking and Intake Center.

Carjacking: After a man, 69, gave a ride to two teen-age males to the 3800 block of Lewin Ave. about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, one of the passengers robbed the driver of $400 at gunpoint. The youths then forced the victim from his 1998 Oldsmobile Delta 88 with tags JXB 578 and drove away.

Theft: A man, 65, was standing near a valet parking area at Pimlico Race Course about 7 p.m. Saturday when another man bumped into him and removed a wallet containing $150 from the victim's pants pocket.

Eastern District

Robbery: Sakiya Ward, a 24-year-old exotic dancer on the city's Block, was arguing with a cabbie outside the vehicle in the 700 block of N. Broadway about 3:40 a.m. Saturday when a gunman robbed her of $200 and a carrying bag containing several of her costumes valued at $1,500.

Burglary: A television, video games and music tapes - all valued at about $1,500 - were stolen from a public storage locker in the 800 block of Hillen St. between March 30 and Friday.

Western District

Robbery: A man armed with a knife robbed another man, 37, of $26 in the 1500 block of W. Lafayette Ave. about 1 p.m. Saturday.

Central District

Stolen vehicle: A green 2001 Mitsubishi Galant with tags JBL 283 was stolen Saturday in the 300 block of W. Mulberry St.

Southern District

Burglary: Pewter ware and jewelry - all worth $600 - were stolen Saturday from a house in the 3700 block of St. Margaret St.

Baltimore County

North Point Precinct

Robbery: Police are seeking a man who took $40 from a woman Wednesday May 12 after agreeing to clean the gutters of her home in the 7700 block of Wynbrook Road. After asking the woman to look for his partner while he used her telephone, the man entered a room, stole another $460 and left the premises. Anyone knowing the man is asked to call the precinct at 410-887-7320.

Burglary: Someone entered a house in the 1000 block of Dalton Ave. on Saturday, drank beverages and stole a 12-gauge shotgun.

Towson Precinct

Stolen vehicle: A green 1998 Jeep Cherokee with tags M712225 was stolen Saturday in the 300 block of Southwind Road.

Burglary: Two mountain bicycles were stolen over the weekend from a garage in the 300 block of Hopkins Road.

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