Timeline: Thurgood Marshall

May 16, 2004

July 2, 1908: Born in West Baltimore. Later attends Samuel Coleridge Taylor Elementary School and Booker T. Washington Junior High.

1921-1925: Attends Colored High and Training School (which became Frederick Douglass High School in 1923).

1929: Marries Vivian Burey.

1930: Graduates cum laude from Lincoln University, in Lincoln, Pa.

1933: Receives law degree from Howard University (graduating magna cum laude); begins a private practice as a lawyer in Baltimore.

1934: Begins to work for Baltimore branch of NAACP.

1935: With mentor and friend Charles Hamilton Houston, wins first major civil rights case - Murray vs. Pearson - desegregating the University of Maryland Law School, which had rejected Marshall on the grounds of race.

1940-1961: Serves as legal director of the NAACP; in 1940, he wins the first of his 29 Supreme Court victories out of 32 he argued. (Chambers vs. Florida).

1954: Wins Brown vs. Board of Education case, the landmark action that ends the legal segregation of schools in America.

Feb. 1955: Vivian Marshall dies.

Dec. 1955: He marries Cecilia A. Suyat; their union produces Marshall's two sons, Thurgood Jr. and John William.

1961: Is nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, by President Kennedy.

1961: Is appointed circuit judge; makes 112 rulings, all of them later upheld by Supreme Court.

1965: Is appointed U.S. Solicitor General by President Johnson; wins 14 of the 19 cases he argues for the government (1965-1967).

1967: Becomes first African-American appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

1991: Retires from Supreme Court.

1993: Dies at 84 in Bethesda.

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