Tie this foam cicada: Fish will eat them up

This trout-tested fly also attracts bluegills and bass


May 16, 2004|By Candus Thomson | Candus Thomson,SUN STAFF

Jim Greco remembers a fishing trip with his wife, Pam, to Utah's Green River a number of years ago, when he used a single pattern - No. 10 foam cicada - to catch so many trout, he had to protect his stripping fingers with Band-Aids.

"We used about a dozen flies apiece each day, and we didn't lose any flies," he recalls. "Those flies lasted just eight or nine fish before they got so chewed up by the huge browns that they were worn out and we'd have to tie another one on."

Here is the recipe for Greco's Cicada Dry Fly - good for bluegills, trout and bass - courtesy of the Potomac-Patuxent chapter of Trout Unlimited.


Hook: 2X long dry fly (Tiemco 2302 or Mustad 94831) in size Nos. 8 or 10.

Thread: 6/0 black Unithread

Body: 1/8 -inch thick black closed-cell foam for No. 10 or 3/16-inch thick black closed-cell foam for No. 8.

Thorax: black, ice/crystal chenille, densely wrapped over foam.

Hackle: brown neck.

Legs: barred orange-and-black Sili Legs.

Wing: twelve strands of black Krystal Flash, eight strands of black Krystal Flash.

Top: tiny piece of 1/8 -inch yellow closed-cell foam on top so you can see the fly in the water to ensure it is floating upright.


Wrap thread over bare hook to just over barb, then back to the eye to act as a base, so the foam doesn't slip. Tie in foam at head of fly, then fold back foam and begin tying it down about two-fifths of the way to the bend in the hook.

Apply Super Glue or Zap a Gap to entire wrapped area to cement foam in proper position. Just past point, stop wrapping foam down to leave enough black foam to extend three-eighths of an inch past bend. Trim black foam to a sharp, narrow triangle to resemble cicada abdomen shape.

Tie in two sets of legs on each side; two front, two back.

Tie in black, then pearl, Krystal Flash for wing, cutting it off about three-eighths of an inch past tip of abdomen.

Palmer wrap the brown hackle to back of head to give the fly bulk. Tie in chenille and wrap midsection. Trim it all around to give body a thicker appearance. Be careful not to clip legs. "That's the hardest part," says Greco.

Tie in yellow foam on top.

Throw to big fish and hang on.

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