Grab graduation-themed gift wrap

What to give a man who has more than everything, Ray Lewis

May 15, 2004|By Kevin Cowherd | Kevin Cowherd,SUN COLUMNIST

It's May, that nice young man down the street is graduating from college, and you'd like to help him celebrate the occasion with an appropriate gift. Something from the heart.

But here's the problem: What do you get a guy who wears diamond earrings so dazzling they could singe your corneas, drives around in luxury SUVs, lives in a house the size of an Air Force base, has his own personal chef and parties with A-list jock celebs like Deion Sanders and Evander Holyfield?

Somehow, a pen and pencil set seems so ... inadequate.

This, one imagines, is the dilemma facing the family and friends of Ray Lewis, the ferocious Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker, who will walk across the stage today at the University of Maryland and receive a bachelor of science degree in management studies.

The best thing you can ever give a college graduate is, of course, a job. But Lewis, who also turns 29 today, already has one of those, too. He slams running backs and wide receivers to the ground for many millions of dollars a year, so this is not a man thumbing through the help wanted ads every morning.

Therefore, in order to summon the perfect gift idea, we turn to the Robb Report, the monthly magazine, editor Larry Bean says, "for readers who possess wealth and want to celebrate it." (Checking it out online is free:

Bean, speaking from his office in Boston, offers a few suggestions from the magazine's 16th annual "Best of the Best" issue, available Tuesday:

The Lurssen, a 192-foot yacht made by a company called Capri, with a range of 10,000 miles. It makes every other yacht look like a crab boat.

"If Ray wants to catch some NFL Europe games," says Bean, "he could just hop across the ocean."

The Lurssen has an owner's suite outfitted with not one but two huge, ornate desks and work spaces. It also has an adjoining child's cabin, along with four guest suites, none of which, you'll be shocked to know, will remind you of a Holiday Inn.

And we haven't even talked about the full gym, the Jacuzzi, the galley, etc.

How much?

"North of $20 million," says Bean. "Could be considerably north, too."

An Outer Limits 47 GTX speedboat. If crossing the Atlantic in the Lurssen is just too darn slow for Ray-Ray, here's the alternative.

"As they say up in Boston, this boat is wicked fast," says Bean.

How fast?

"Top speed's just under 162 mph," he says.

A Girard-Perregaux Opera 3 watch. It's a mechanical watch similar to a music box.

"It has the ability to play a piece by Mozart or a piece by Tchaikovsky," says Bean. "It's completely unique. No other watch has that function."

Not too many watches cost $475,000, either.

For that money, they should throw in a vial of Mozart's and Tchaikovsky's DNA, too.

A pen from the David Oscarson Harvest Collection. OK, let's say you're still bent on giving Ray a writing instrument. This could be the way to go. "It has a harvest motif ... that alludes to the [idea] that people have become more contemplative," says Bean.

Well, um, OK.

Ray-Ray doesn't exactly strike us as the contemplative sort, but we'll play along.

The 18-carat gold pen inlaid with Pave diamonds goes for a cool $75,000. Which means, for the average person: Lose this pen and you'll be contemplating suicide.

A week at the Mansion at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

Pamper yourself, says Bean, in a four-bedroom villa with 12,000 square feet of knock-around space, including an indoor swimming pool, exercise room, private elevator and bathrooms the size of most hotel suites, with hot tub, personal steam room and heated floor.

"Any number of people would be happy to stay in the bathroom for their entire stay," says Bean.

Then again, at $15,000 a night, you might want to check out the rest of the place, too.

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