Cashing in on blurred reality TV

Shows with twist are bound to be hits

May 12, 2004|By Stephen Kiehl

On the Survivor: All-Stars finale Sunday night, contestant Rob Mariano proposed to fellow contestant and girlfriend Amber Brkich moments before she won the show's $1 million prize, a development that melded Survivor with The Bachelor. But then host Jeff Probst revealed the twist: The audience could call in and vote for another contestant to win another $1 million, marrying Survivor-Bachelor with American Idol!

Vote on Survivor's Web site today and find out who wins tomorrow. Could reality TV get any better? We think so:

Trading Spaces with The Osbournes: America's favorite cable TV family redecorates other people's homes with crucifixes, devil heads and bat-motifed fire pits. Walls are painted blood red. Ozzy blows the $1,000 budget on booze. And just wait until the homeowners return!

Surviving the Restaurant: The Survivor All-Stars, having resurrected sunken ships and climbed rope ladders to catch flying foxes, are put to work at Rocco's on 22nd, the restaurant run by the insufferable Rocco DiSpirito. Chaos ensues. Last one to quit wins.

Joe Apprentice Fear Factor: A dozen women are flown to New York for what they think is a chance to win a job working for Donald Trump. Instead, they are forced to eat maggot-filled pies. Their reward: They're on TV!

The Real World's Simple Life: This is the true story of seven arrogant brats, picked to live on a farm in Arkansas to find out what happens when people stop being polite, are forced to clean up road kill, milk cows and start getting real.

Queer Eye for American Idol: Three judges make catty comments about wannabe stars who warble Barbra Streisand and Elton John songs. Oh, wait ...

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