Cyberspace do-over

May 09, 2004

CARELESS communicators rejoice! Someone has developed an Internet-wide e-mail program that allows senders to retract their messages, whether the receiver has already read them or not.

Quick, pull back that white-hot spew you sent to your best friend yesterday. Stop Mom from saving all those collegiate money-whine messages, so your kids will never find them 20 years from now. Pull back that revealing photo you sent to a potential love interest who turned into a dud. (which charges a fee) also offers the option of sending messages hours or days into the future, for those who write before they think. Plenty of time to change your mind while still offering the pleasure of venting and then hitting the "send" key.

Sober, thoughtful e-mailers, the ones who read every message twice (first for content, then grammar), could better spend their cash on another organizer for their closets. For the flash-mailers in the family, though, it might be worth it not to get the cold shoulder from the relatives every Thanksgiving because of that thoughtless e-remark five years ago about the sweet potatoes.

We're still waiting for someone to develop a Bigstring for our mouths.

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