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May 09, 2004|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,Special to the Sun

The best part about Internet shopping is that you can shop till you drop from all of your favorite stores without having to wear shoes or look for a parking space. The worst part, we've found, is not being able to know how that dress or pair of flip-flops or smart little hat will look on you before you pay shipping and handling.

Coach has come up with the perfect solution to this problem. Click a handbag that interests you on, and select an option called "Try This Bag On." For example, let's pick the Soho Twill Stripe Tote ($238), and it will bring up a silhouette of a woman clutching your bag. Select your height, and you'll see where the bag will fall on you, both in your hand and on your shoulder.

Is "Try This Bag On" as good as a friend who will tell you that the bag doesn't match your shoes or clashes with your hair? Of course not. But it's fun, practical and facilitates shopping in your pajamas. Who could ask for anything more?

Coach products are available on the Web at, by calling 888-262-6224, or at Coach stores in the Inner Harbor, Towson Town Center and The Mall at Columbia and at Nordstrom.

Sniff test

When it comes to new perfumes this season, being naughty is where it's at. For starters, there's Elizabeth Arden's Provocative Woman. And then there's Boucheron Trouble. How do the two scents stack up? Let's take a look:

Boucheron Trouble

($65 to $165)

Phrases used by the company to describe this scent: "provocative opulent adornment," "carnal implications," "sensuality, mystery, audacity."

Women who embody the scent: Mata Hari, Josephine Baker

Smells of: jasmine, blue cedar and flamboyant ( a type of orange-scented flower)

Where to buy: Nordstrom

Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman


Phrases used by the company to describe scent: "Men will melt," "impulsive and seductive," "confident and alluring"

Women who embody the scent: Catherine Zeta-Jones (Elizabeth Arden spokeswoman, of course)

Smells of: Chilled quince, midnight orchid and red amber

Where to buy: Hecht's, Macy's

Shimmer and scent

Combination products save time and shelf space. Antiperspirant and deodorant? Yes, please. Mascara and thickener? Well, of course.

Michael Kors' Shimmering Fragrance Spray combines Kors' signature fragrance of white florals and woods with a touch of gold shimmer. Not only will it leave you smelling pretty, but you'll glimmer like a goddess.

Michael Kors Shimmering Fragrance Spray costs $50. Michael Kors beauty products are available at Nordstrom.

Pretty pajamas

Speaking of pajamas, we're always looking for a nice comfy pair to slip on at night and wear to lounge around. Cotton is a must. And the style should be pretty, but not too revealing.

The prettiest pair of pajamas we're found so far this summer is a pair of ultra-high thread-count Egyptian cotton pjs from Threadcountzzz. The pajamas, called Short and Sweet, a white camisole and matching Capri pants, are finished with a baby-blue satin ribbon at the bust and on the cuffs. The result is sweet but not saccharine, and worth the $128 price tag for their softness.

Threadcountzzz are available on the Internet at

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