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May 09, 2004|By John M. Moran | John M. Moran,The Hartford Courant

Springtime brings a rush of interest in selecting colleges, followed by the inevitable question: How are we going to pay for this? Some answers can be found at, the Internet's leading Web site for information about college financial aid.

Scholarships, loans, grants and savings programs are covered at FinAid, along with related topics.

Visitors to the site can get advice on how to fill out those arcane financial aid application forms. Online calculators help you figure how big the college's tuition bill is likely to be and how much you should save to pay it.

Get a quick overview of the financial aid process by reading the "frequently asked questions" primer. If your question isn't frequently asked, you can submit a specific query through the site and get an e-mail reply from a volunteer financial aid professional.

FinAid can't make those college bills disappear, but it just might help shrink them down to a manageable size.

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