Saving to D: drive easy as A-B-C


May 06, 2004|By James Coates | James Coates,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

I want to change things so that when I save a file in the My Documents folder, it will be stored on a backup hard drive rather than on my main C: drive that is overloaded.

I have already separated my programs (C:) and data (D:) onto two drives. This strategy has saved me from data disaster on more than one occasion when my C: drive has crashed. But the default save location in most software is the My Documents folder on the C: drive.

Is there any way to tell Windows to put the My Documents folders onto a different drive?

Your fix takes fewer than 30 seconds. Right-click the My Documents folder and select Properties. Click on the Move button. Use the small browser window that this creates to open My Computer and then the D: drive. Pick a folder there and select it.

Files dragged to the My Document folder will then be stored in the folder you picked on D: instead of on the C: drive.

This is possible because the My Documents folder displayed on the Windows desktop is merely a shortcut for a folder.

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