Union Bridge fire group names officers for 2004

April 29, 2004

The Union Bridge Volunteer Fire Company has announced its 2004 officers.

Administrative officers are Thomas Garber, president; Edgar Wentz, vice president; Linda Bostian, secretary; Mike Kreimer, treasurer; Daniel Cartzendafner, assistant treasurer; Barbara Warehime, recording secretary; and the Rev. Richard Michael, chaplain.

Executive board members are Rick Etzler, Jim Harris, Jim Sinnott and David Nelson. Trustees are Richard Gesell, Charles Haines, John Keeney, Rick Wetzel and Jay Anderson. Executive committee members are Doug Bostian and Jerry Harris.

Fire officers are Chad Green, chief; Michael Cartwright, assistant chief; Freddie Green, captain; Brian Hooper, first lieutenant; Jamey Hooper, second lieutenant; and Ed Arnold, third lieutenant.

Emergency medical services officers are Brenda Burdette, EMS captain.

Equipment foremen are Eric Zile, Engine 8-1; Archie Jones, Engine 8-2; Dan Zile and Jeff Mitten, Squad 8; Tom Garber, Utility 8; Richard Quesenberry, Brush 8-5; and Edgar Wentz, Ambulance 8-9.

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