BWI screener hurts arm in baggage belt

Woman breaks bone after limb gets caught

TSA examining machine for possible problems

April 26, 2004|By Staff

A baggage screener at Baltimore-Washington International Airport is being treated at a local hospital after her arm got jammed in a baggage belt.

The arm of the woman, an employee of the Transportation Security Administration, was caught in the baggage belt about 8:30 a.m., said Chris Rhatigan, an agency spokeswoman. Paramedics freed the woman and took her to Anne Arundel Medical Center.

A preliminary report showed that the woman sustained at least one broken bone in her arm, she said. The woman remained in the hospital late today.

Rhatigan could not provide details on how the woman's arm got stuck. She said other employees turned off the machine when they saw what had happened.

The incident occurred on the lower level of the terminal, Rhatigan said. The TSA is examining the machine to be certain it is safe, she said.

"This has never happened before," Rhatigan said. "This is an extremely rare accident."

Originally published April 26, 2004, 3:45 PM EDT

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